S*Aloha Popoki Pu'u Pehe - born 2018-04-01
MCO e 02 21 62 (creme agouti harlekin - yellow eyes)
(he lives with Sandra and fam. in Hässelby)
Nickname: Puh

GIC S*Silveronyx Aprilia 
MCO g 03 24 - bluetortiespotted bicolour

S*Remaines Sixten 
MCO ds 01 21 62 - redsilveragouti van with yellow eyes

We are following Pawpeds health program and test our breeding cats for HD and HCM before mating.
HCM: T.B.D spring 2019
HCM-DNA1: Negative by parents
SMA-DNA: Negative by parents
PKD-DNA: Negative by parents
HD: T.B.D spring 2019

Siblings: S*Aloha Popoki Lanai City

Puh's gallery 2018