Lanai and Puh's parents

Mother: GIC S*Silveronyx Aprilia - Lani,  MCO g 03 24  (bluetortie spotted bicolour
Born: 2010-11-10

Breeder: Camilla and Hasse Bengtsson: - S*Silveronyx

HCM ultrasound: Negative 2011
, 2013, 2016, 2017
HD: Left Normal/Right Normal September 2011
HCM-DNA: Negative from parents
PK-Def: N/N
Bloodgroup: A-Blood (US-Davis)

Father: S*Remaine's Sixten,  MCO ds 01 21 62 (redsilver agouti van with yellow eyes)
Born: 2016-11-0

Breeder: Ann Engdahl, S*Remaine's
Owner: Emmy and Rita Brunner, SE*Jaliin's

HCM ultrasound: Negative August 2017, May 2018
HD: Left Normal/Right Normal 2017
HCM-DNA: Negative from parents
PK-Def DNA: Negative from parents
SMA-DNA: Negative from parents
Bloodgroup: N/N = TYPE A or AB (non-b/non-b). Can be A/A. A/AB or AB/AB (Orivet)