James 2007


James has been on his first show in Örebro.                                             On the train home from Örebro.


James plays with water, he has learned from the MCO girls.(February 2007)


                                            James looking at our new orchid. (march-07)                                          James at our east asia table (march-07) 



  These fabulous pictures are taken by Åsa Petré.2007-03-08

James in the panel with the excellent steward Katarina Åström and the judge Hanne-Sofie Sneum.


                            James was Best in show neuter male at                      Broken hero in his special BIS prize paperbag
                                 the show in Uppsala 2007-06-16                                                  


                          James  13:th of September                               James on the balcony, 4:th of october                     

 Lili and James in the show in Borlänge, 13-14 october,
Both got 2xCAGPIB. James also BIV ( Best in Variety on saturday)

No comments (15:th of october)                                               James 20:th of November

James thinks that every Christmas gift is for him, so he took several and playes with them.