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GIC S*Silveronyx Aprilia (g 03 24)                                                         S*Remaine's Sixten (ds 01 21 62)

Big Thank you to Rita and Emmy at SE*Jaliins for letting Lani have a loveaffair with your very handsome Sixten

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HCM: 2011-09-20 Normal, 2013-05-29 Normal, 2016-01-27 Normal, 2017-07-10 Normal

HCM: Normal 2017-10-23

HD: 2011-09-20 Normal/Normal HD:  2017-11-17 Normal/Normal
(Both his parents are tested GOOD at OFA)
PK-Def (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency) DNA test: N/N PK-Def (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency) DNA test: N/N
HCM DNA test: N/N HCM: DNA test: N/N
SMA: DNA test: N/N SMA: DNA test: N/N
Bloodgroup: A Bloodgroup: ?




                                 Pregnancy calender/Födslokalender

                                                      Good knowledge even if it is written for siberian cats.(only in swedish)

                                     Pregnancy calender/Födslokalender 2