The Simpsalacoons cats

Cajun - Majanco´s  Cajun Kid, browntabby/white Maine Coon male ( MCO n 09 22)
Born 1997-02-07 (grandpa to our Maui

Boyo - Simpsalacoon´s Elrond, bluetabby Maine Coon male (MCO a22) 
Born 2002-03-12

Bart - (N) Arctic Coon´s Chief Bart Simpson,
browntabby Maine Coon ( MCO n 09 22)
Born 1999-02-20  (father to our Maui

S* Simpsalacoon´s Coonelly,
browntabby/white Maine Coon female ( MCO n 09 22)
Born 2008-11-23

Grand old Lady of Simpsalacoons

Chickie - S*Simpsalacoon´s Chickadee, bluetortie tabby Maine Coon female (MCO g22)
1995-10-10 - 2011-08-25 ( Litter sister to Chicelle)

They all live with Elisabet and Anthony Simpson in Rimbo, S*Simpsalacoon´s

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