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Our cats relatives

Keiki´s and Kai´s breeder

Kai´s sister Kaija, Gary´s brother/Iida´s uncle Pilli

Breeder to Kane and owner to Hero, Lilis brother

James breeder

James cute half sister in Hälsingland

Maui´s and Liliuokalani´s breeder, owner of S*Aloha Popoki Kilauea

COONSBORO CALVIN COONIDGE, Maui and Lili´s ancestor who we met in the island of Maui/Hawaii 2006. Se also page about him and our family tree
(Maine Coon Seminar by Beth Hicks)

Gary´s and Iida´s breeder

Iida´s father, and Lanis half brother Pontus (S*Silveronyx Lightning)

Lani´s breeder and here lived also Iida.

Here lives Lili´s half sister in Umeå

S*Star Cat-Chers
Breeder of Kanes daughter Lara

Other Maine coon sites

Finnish Maine Coon association


Maine Coon breeder we met during our trip in Maine.

An american breeder with an absolutely beautiful banner

Maine Coon breeder we met during our trip in Maine.


Sacred birman sites

Here Nita and Ella are in the gallery for Gamla Godingar -   oldies and goldies

Other catsites

Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeder

My cat club.                                                                                               

Cat health



                                                                                     Breeder register

Täby Djurbegravningsplats, here Ella, Gary, Maui and Nita are buried.

Other interests  

Swedish lighthouse society                 

Maine lighthouses

Finnish Lighthouse organisation

World of Lighthouses

Animals and nature




Hawai´i/sailingvessels from Hawai´i and other countires

Hawai´ís flag

General from Maui

Liliuokalani Proclaimed Queen of Hawaii

History of Iolani Palace

Falls of Clyde, placed in Honolulu




Guitars etc


Martin o Co


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