Nita is still the queen on the balcony. Even if the younger
generation tries to take over. A real sign of spring is
when she is sitting on our electrical barbeque in the sun.


Nita sleeping in the shadow on our balcony. 1 of April.

Nita on our new shelf for care of furs. April 2004.

Nita with Magnus and Johan Granér. April 2004.

Nita with a toycat (belongs to Johan Graner) August 2004.

Nita celebrated her 17:th birthday with her best friend Olle.

To drink water in the basin Nita has learned from Maui and Lili, our Maine Coons.
Nowadays she cannot jump up to the basin without help.

Nita on her new woolen cushion.

Nita Christmas Eve 2004

Nita - Our Queen of Hearts, Christmas Eve 2004.