Kai 1 day old (picture by breeder)                                    Kai 3 weeks (picture by breeder)


Kai 6 weeks (picture by breeder)                                          Kai 8 weeks (picture by breeder)

Kai 11 weeks (picture by breeder)

So from his new home


Kai on his first show 1:st of august

Kai was Nominated for Best in Show in Sollentuna 23 of august.

I´m tired, september-09

Best friends, september-09

Kai became Best in Varity Total on Scandinavian Winner 19-20 of september in Nyköping

Kai and Kane waing for Santa....  if we sleep, the time goes quicker? (christmas eve)


 Kai, the paper was also very funny - Pikabo....(christmas eve)

James and Kai plays with a new little toy (christmas eve)