Kai 2017
2017 was a fantastic show year

Nominated to Best in show 10 of 14 times.
Best in show Senior 2 times
Best Senior male 9 times (tot. 17 shows)

But we start with 
Prize for Best Senior Male 2016 in Finnish MCo club.

Kai in Stockholm Catclub show 14:th of March.

Nominated both days in Nyköping 25-26 of March.

Kai 8y 16:th of April, together with sisters Kaija and Brooke

Kai playing with my shorts 19:th of May

(Picture by Ramona Karlsson)

Uppsala Catclub show 2017-06-19.
Kai (SP/SC FIN*Chamberlain Blazing Arrow) Best senior kat. 2 och NOM with 1 vote in the  panel.

Kai likes the hotel life - Here at Quality City Park in Södertälje 28:th of July

Kai and Michelle Houdi in Sundsvall 19:th of August

Kai Nominated to Best in Show both days in Sundsvall 19-20 of August

Kai at Maine Coon-Championship 23:of of Sept. in Nyköping

Kai and me at Birka cat show 11:th of November

James and Kai playing at Christmas Eve

Kai new years eve