PR/CH S*East Auroras Black Diamond - 2008-06-23 - 2018-11-09

MCO n 09 22 (Browntabby with white)
Neutered male.

Nickname: Kane (man, husband in Hawai´ian). - Black Diamond was a female during his first weeks in life:-) So Kane became a good name. 

He got Pyelonefrit and did not respond to the antibiotics.

EC DK* Coogans Rouge MCO N 22 - browntabby 
SC DK*Olmocabes Mr Mercer
MCO D 03 22 - redtabby white bicolour

We are following Pawpeds health program and test our breeding cats for HD and HCM before mating..
HCM: Normal May 2009, Anna Tidholm Albano Animal hospital
HCM: Normal July 2010, Anna Tidholm Albano Animal hospital
HCM: Normal January 2017, Anna Tidholm Albano Animal hospital
HCN-DNA1: N/N Dec-2009 (Laboklin)
HD: Left Normal/right Normal, 
May 2009

Kane is father to S*Silveronyx At last litter, born 2010-11-16
Kane is also father to S*Star Cat-Cher's Lara Croft born 2011-06-13.

S*East Auroras Cold gin n 09 22 - Male (browntabby with white)
CH S*East Auroras Firehouse n 09 22 - Male (browntabby with white)
S*East Auroras Love gun n 03 22 - Male (browntabby bicolour)

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BIG ( Best in group - Agouti/white)
BIR ( Best in Breed/Best MCO) 

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