Lahainas parents

Mother: IC S*Silveronyx Aprilia - Lani,  MCO g 03 24  (bluetortie spotted bicolour
Born: 2010-11-10

Breeder: Camilla and Hasse Bengtsson: - S*Silveronyx

HCM ultrasound: Negative September 2011
HD: Negative September 2011
HCM-DNA: Negative from parents

Father: S*Bessalvis Frodo - Frodo,  MCO ns 22 (blacksilver tabby)
Born: 2010-08-12

Breeder and owner: Marita Hydling S*Bessalvis 

HCM ultrasound: Negative August 2011
HD: Left Normal/Right Normal, January 2012
HCM-DNA: Negative from parents