S*Aloha Popoki Offspring Gallery

Maui-litter born 2012-08-15

A BIG thank you to the owners for the pictures

S*Aloha Popoki Kaanapali, Haleakala, Kapalua,
Lahaina, Waihee, Hana 

Maui -litter 4 y 15:th of Aug 2016

S*Aloha Popoki
Kapalua (Rasmus) & S*Aloha Popoki Haleakala (Rufus)

S*Aloha Popoki Kapalua - Rasmus & Haleakala Rufus

PR S*Aloha Popoki Waihee - (Wille)


A very precious picture - SP S*Simpsalacoons Wolfmaine Jack  (Wolfen) and Wille 2015-10-26

S*Aloha Popoki
Hana (Hanna)


S*Aloha Popoki Kaanapali (Sudden)

                                                               Summer 2016                                                           Celebrating his 5y birthday                                                    

Lahaina, has her own page.