Lani 2011

(picture by breeder)

Lani 10 days 2010-11-20

(pictures by breeder)
Lani 4 w 2010-12-11                                                                                  Lani 8 w 2011-01-05 

Lani in her new home 4 of february

 Daddy Kai and Lani 2011-02-18

Such father, such daughter 2011-02-18

Lani and Kai 20:th of feb, yes they do spend most of the time together

Lani has been to her first show in Gävle 2011-03-05-06

Lani and father Kai at Alfa´s cat show 1:st of May

It´s soon vacation time..... (17:th of May)

Lani on show 23:d of May, when she got her first Nomination to best in show

Lani taking her first sewing lesson for new show cage matress 10:th of August

The result from the sewing lesson, Lani on show 23 of october, she got Nominated for best in in show among 7 females

Lani got her Championtitle in Bromma 5:th of November

              Lani and James are playing 7:th of November

Lani and Kai watching biathlon 11:th of December

Christmas cats father and daughter.