About us


At Big Island Hawai´i aug. 1999                                      Göran outside Rockers at Denmark Street London feb- 2004


Celebrating Görans big birthday in April 2006 on a Luau at Royal Hawai´ían Hotel in Honolulu.

We are Eva and Göran and we live in an apartment near Täby Centre north east of Stockholm.
I - Eva worked as application manager at TeliaSonera. From 1:st of June 2012 I am selling animal insurances for SVELAND Djurförsäkringar, 
specialised in cats.  
Göran was director for sales for Europe in German company named Infineon Technologies, but has now retired.

Our interests are of course OUR cats. But also other cats and animals in general. Göran has his own interests - Guitars and whisky.

Another interest is Hawai´i, our paradise

The state flag has eight stripes representing the Hawaiian archipelago's major islands: Maui, Lana‘i (Maui´s sister) Kaua‘i, O‘ahu, Moloka‘i, Ni‘ihau, Kaho‘olawe and the Big Island of Hawai‘i. The upper left corner closely resembles the Union Jack of Great Britain. Designed for King Kamehameha I in the early 1800s, the flag's resemblance to the Union Jack symbolizes King Kamehameha's friendship with the British.
Ni‘ihau has been privately owned since 1864. Often called the Forbidden Island. 
Lana´i (Pineapple Island because of its past as an island-wide pineapple plantation)  -
Larry Ellison (the third-richest American), Oracle founder has in June 2012 bought  98% of Lana´i. The state of Hawai´i owns 2% of Lanai of historical reasons.

The names of our Maine Coons are from Hawai´í, .
Maui is the best one of the islands or as the Hawai´ían says:
Maui No Ka Oi. - Maui simply the best.

When we got Lili´uokalani the breeder Elisabet Simpson wanted a silver-name as for the other two silver kittens in the litter. We wanted a Hawai´ían name BUT silver is kala ke´oke?and black is ele’ele so it was not possible to get a black silver name so she got the name Silvina, similar to sister Silvessa and brother Silversmith.
Silvina is very similar to our Swedish Queen´s name and also to our sponsored child. In our family she got the name Lili´uokalani, namned after the Hawai´ían queen who ruled from 1891-1893 and was the last regent before the islands became a US protectorate. In 1959 the islands became the 50´th US state.
The Hawai´ían language has only twelve letters
Vowels: A, E, I, O, U
Nouns: H, K, L, M, N, P, W

You can also see Maui´s and Lili´úokalani´s ancester at the island of Maui.

Quote from Insight guide Hawaii:
The language (olelo Hawai´i) is difficult to describe because it is a
?language of emotion, poetry and a nature-related sound and nuance. It is also an ancient language that was not translated until after 1820, when American missionaries arbitrarily chose twelve English letters to represent the Hawai´ían sounds they thought they heard?

I once had a dream to name a Maine Coon - Silversword of Haleakala. It should be a silver cat of course, but I have realized that it will be too many letters because you also have to have the breeders name.
In the first page of the site you see a Silversword ?a plant of the Sunflower family which you can only see on the island of Maui in the crater of Haleakala. Its height can be 2,5 metres and the entire plant dies after a single blooming season, 5-20 years after the germination.

Hawai´í has a wonderful climate. Not cold and not too hot either. In fact, it is just perfect, with a brisk breeze, dappled clouds and a little rain from times to times. That combination makes the islands very green. But the best thing of all is the ocean. It is between 26-30 degrees celcius!!. So even I, who really hate it when the water is cold, enjoy a swim.

Our Cattery
In April 2007 we got our cattery name: S*Aloha Popoki.
Aloha meaning: Love, affection, greeting, salutation, regards, sweetheart, loved one, beloved, loving, to love.
Popoki meaning: Cat.
Of course this is the Hawai´ian language.

Here is a link to a Hawai´ian dictionary



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