Photo: Åsa Petré

We will never forget you

GIP S*Simpsalacoon’ s Maui – 2000-11-05 - 2008-07-16
MCO N22.
Spayed female.

Nickname: Tova Carson

Maui and I are having a daily competition about who is the most obstinate and independent in the family. Sometimes she wins, sometime I lose.


S* Simpsalacoons Titania
N* Arctic Coon´s Chief Bart Simpson


Family tree

S* Simpsalacoon´s Lanai MCO A22
CH/GIP S*Simpsalacoon´s Wolfmaine Jack N22
S* Simpsalacoon´s Cesar MCO A22
S* Simpsalacoon´s Jarvis MCO N22

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Intestinal cancer/cancer in pancreas took her from us. She was put to the final sleep in Görans bed by our vet. And she will rest together with her best friend Nita, Ella and Gary in the Täby cemetary for animals.

Photo: Åsa Petré
Thank you Maarit P at Chamberlain MCO for picture and poem

A sunny day in september she was buried in the cemetery for animals in Täby Kyrkby. We miss you sooo much our dearest Maui.  She sun will always shine on you.