How come that after more than ten years with the sacred birmans I fell in love with another breed? I went to a catshow in 1997, just to look around after new birman breeders, but just inside the door I saw a BIG black cat. I immediately checked what breed it was ?the answer was Maine Coon. (unfortunately I donīt know who that cat was)
I had never heard about that breed. I started to visit every cat show in the Stockholm area. I saved every catalogue from the shows. I started to check pedigrees on the internet to learn and find out what I wanted but there werenīt so many Maine Coons in Sweden in 1997.

In the summer 2000 we started to visit breeders to see kittens. (YES I`m a slow starter). But I found out that I knew more than the breeder at that first visit and I did not buy one of those kittens . Next litter we saw was in Elisabet Simpsons home but we didnīt buy a kitten at that occasion either.
In november 2000 there was a new litter at Elisabetīs, and there she was - our Maui!! I just fell in love. She moved to our family on the 28īth of January 2001.

For more details about Maine Coon you can visit:
(there are articles both in Swedish and English)

For more details about Sacred Birmans you can visit:




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