Lani (1,5 y)

GIC S*Silveronyx Aprilia – Our Hawaiían Princess Kaiulani born 2010-11-10, MCO g 03 24 ( bluetortiespotted bicolour) .
Lani is heaven in hawaiian language.
Neutered Female.

Lani is mother to:
Maui litter born 2012-08-15
Hawai'i litter born 2014-01-08
Waikīkī beach-litter born 2016-09-04
Lanai-litter born 2018-04-01

Here you can read more about the real Princess Kaiulani

S* Kasernas Qii
SP/SC FIN*Chamberlain Blazing Arrow

We are following Pawpeds health program and test our breeding cats for HD and HCM before mating.
Blood group: A (Genoscop, Finland)
HCM: Normal 2011-09-20, Anna Tidholm, Albano Animal Hospital
HCM: Normal 2013-05-29, Anna Tidholm, Albano Animal Hospital
HCM: Normal 2016-01-27, Anna Tidholm, Albano Animal Hospital
HCM: Normal 2017-07-10, Anna Tidholm, Albano Animal hospital
HCN-DNA1: Negative by parents/ 2014-06-11
N/N (US Davis)
HD: 2011-09-20,
Left Normal/Right Normal,  September 2011
PK (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency): N/N (US Davis)
SMA: N/N (US Davis)

Tritrichomonas foetus / Giardia / Cryptosporidium free feb-2018.

S*Silveronyx Ducati - Ducke es 24 - cremesilverspotted (2010-11-10 -2022-08-17)

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